One of the hardest things about ‘waking up’, in my experience, was and still is to understand the reasons my Soul choose this life incarnation as “Danica” and to trust its reasons and to trust and believe in the Universal process of life. I began waking up almost 11 years ago, and despite what some believe, it hasn’t been all Unicorns and Butterflies. In this article, I hope to touch upon the signs of a spiritual awakening and to help those who feel lost or confused with all of this.

It’s been a long, tough journey of self-reflection and understanding, and for some of us, almost too much to bare. When we begin to awaken, we awake to a world that resembles something from out of a sci-fi movie. It can be scary at times, and we may even think we’re going crazy when Aliens and other dimensions become a real thing. But the most reassuring thing I can tell you right now is that it’s a necessary process to understanding who and what we really are, and understanding our place in the Universe.

We begin to remember that we are multi-dimensional beings that are having a very real, beautiful, painful human experience. But I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be painful, I’ve learned that when we open up to ourselves and begin to work with our true self or our Soul, that life can become very magical. This magic will bring the right people into our lives, will bring us to the right places and it will create the right circumstances for us to awaken further, together.

We are brought back to the memory of choosing this life, and all of our lives, that are simultaneously being played out right now as I type this. I’ve learned that we can connect to these other selfs and draw upon their wisdom, strength, and courage. When we begin meditating and quieting our minds, we start receiving messages from our Soul, and we can peer into our other lives and understand just how they’re affecting us in this life.

We begin to remember our connection to the Cosmos and that we are truly infinite – creating worlds within worlds. We begin to remember that we are creating our reality and that our purpose is to create more happiness, love, and joy within the world. We remember that everything we experience is an extension of our most inner beliefs.

Below are just a few signs of our Spiritual Awakening, you may have more or less, as everyone’s experience is different:

  • Feeling as if your life is changed forever
  • Experiencing waves of depression and anxiety
  • Becoming more sensitive to the world around you, picking up on people’s emotions (empathic)
  • Losing interest in the things you liked to do
  • Feeling as if the world isn’t real
  • Desire for truth and spiritual understanding
  • Asking yourself “Why am I here?”, or “What’s my purpose in life?”
  • Having Alien encounters
  • Fear and uncertainty


If you’re experiencing an awakening and just need someone to connect with, please leave a comment below and tell us your story!