In my last post, Signs of a Spiritual Awakening, I wrote a little bit about what you might be experiencing if this is happening to you. Chances are that if you find yourself here, you’ve begun asking questions about yourself and your reality, like: “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?” or “What is my life purpose?” – let me reassure you that you’re not alone.

There are things that the Universe wants you to remember.

In my experience, the Universe has been more subtle when answering my questions. If I’m too preoccupied with life, I might not hear it the first time… other times I choose not to hear it because I’m not willing to accept the reflection it’s trying to show me. Regardless of what frame of mind I’m in, it will always eventually get its message across, most of the time it’s while I’m in a dreaming state, where I’m less restricted by physical senses and all of life’s “problems” – when it’s easier to get through to me.

Sometimes the Universe inspires me to write, and in this case, it asked me to remind each and every one of you who find yourselves reading this how incredible and powerful each of us are. By the very nature of our being, we possess the ability to mold and shape reality in accordance with our beliefs. This may seem farfetched, or completely crazy given the world circumstances we find ourselves in, but collectively we have created these ‘world dramas’ out of a need for growth and development. In order for us to progress any further spiritually, certain aspects of our ego must be brought to light. It’s when we truly understand that the world is our reflection of our innermost realities, do we see ourselves in others!

But sometimes we need to be reminded of how incredible we are. Sometimes we need to be reminded how incredible life is – so here are just a few things the Universe wants you to remember:

You are right where you are supposed to be. 

blue buddha

No matter what you’re going through, you’ve chosen this space and time because it’s exactly what your soul needs to grow and develop further spiritually, for your next life incarnation. There are lessons in every difficulty that your soul wants you to learn, that your soul actually yearns for. But this is not to stay that you are stuck where you are, or that you have to stay there. Making changes for a better life, for you and for the rest of the world, is also a part of your growth. In fact, it’s your ultimate purpose for being here.

All that you need is already within you

beautiful daisy

You have an Infinite store-house of knowledge at your disposal – but it’s not readily accessible to those of us who choose to spend our time living in the past or future. You have all the solutions to life’s problems and all of the answers to your questions, and all of them can be found when you quiet your mind and spend time with-in yourself. It can be as simple as asking your Heart a question to something you need to know, or accessing the Akashic Records when it may be a bigger hang up in your life. Having insight from the Akash, peering into your previous lives can help you understand why you choose this role you find yourself in and how you can overcome your problems. Your Soul will also speak to you when you sit in silence and can give you bits of Divine Knowledge…. when you are open to it of course 😉

Your fear needs to be released 

green caged bird

If there’s one thing I know for certain is that you’re not truly living and you’re not truly free if you are living in fear. This fear can be of anything – whether it’s afraid of stepping out into the world and doing what your heart loves to do, or afraid of what someone may say or do if you make the wrong “choice”. We often live in fear because we are scared of how people will react – or because we are afraid of failure. Fear has one purpose: To act as a warning that something may endanger us physically, and was necessary when we were still in our primal stage. Now it has become bigger and out of control, keeping us away from the things that we would like, but are afraid of having. Fear clouds our hearts and keeps us from doing what we know needs to be done!

The Universe always has your back

infinite universe

The Universe, as we have come to know it, is forever infinite and expanding, housing an infinite number of planets and stars, of which we know very little about. We haven’t been taught to question our existence or our place in the Universe, or that the Universe is a living and breathing entity that responds to our vibrations…. or that we are intimately connected to the cosmos and that we too are infinite. There are so many things that our limited senses don’t pick up on, inorganic entities and beings that are watching us, guiding us and helping us through our lives.  The Universe would like us to remember how incredible this life is and that regardless of what we’re going through, we are never truly alone. Trust that the Universe and that our Soul has a plan.



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