If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill ~ Rumi


As a Reiki Master, I help people heal, but I won’t tell you how to heal your life.  What I’m about to tell you may seem to contradict what we’ve been taught as healers and may even be confusing to some of you…. and that is: You don’t need healing.

It doesn’t take much effort these days to search the internet and to read people’s ideas on how to heal – and everyone has a different idea. So which one is the right one? And when we’re reading these articles, are we reading them to really heal? Or do we keep the search going for the “right” one? I know I did this for almost a decade. I fell into this very common trap of a whole lot of reading, and not doing. And when I did “do”, I expected overnight results, and when I didn’t feel any different the next day, or the day after, or the day after that, I would move onto something different or better.

My husband reminded me the other night when I went to watch a video on how to manifest your desires (for the one millionth time) that I already knew how to manifest! I realized at that point how it was more of an obsessive necessity to do this over and over, or an ego trap – to want to know more, to learn more of what I already know — instead of actually doing what I already know!

So why do we fall into this trap? Well I don’t know the answer, but I could speculate: We do this because we don’t really want to heal, or learn how to be a powerful magician in our reality, or become better at anything in life. If you’re spiritually-minded in anyway, you already know where the answers lie. But the voice inside our mind likes us to convince us of all crazy things, like how we don’t know the answers or that we’re broken or wrong in some way. Professionals like to label this voice depression, anxiety, or even schizophrenia in worse off cases. This voice likes to keep us going in a cycle, convincing us that the answer will be found outside of us in one form or another, (like in books and videos) but the truth is that the answers to all of your problems exist within you.

Only you can quiet your mind, only you can take control of your mind. There is power in inner silence, but you won’t discover it if you’re constantly trying to fill it, or occupy your mind with things you already know the answer to. When you find silence and when you stay in it, you will find yourself – and quickly discover that you never really needed healing, you just needed to get out of your own head…. 😉


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