In a world that we can sometimes feel lonely, depressed, anxious or simply disconnected from life – the most important thing we can do for ourselves, is to go within and begin discovering our Inner Goddess!

In a physical world, we have mostly been taught to pay attention only to our physical and our emotional reality; whether it’s material possessions, the monetary wealth we have or don’t have, or our physical and emotional comforts or discomforts. We tie all of these things to our sense of self and allow them to determine our self-worth, bringing about a sense of dissatisfaction, an emptiness within. But our true self, our real self is so much more than the things that we do or don’t have, our true self is so much more than the pain we feel, or the heartache we experience. Our Inner Goddess is a part of our Higher-self, and to experience this aspect of ourselves, we have to forget the physical, we have to forget about the battle that’s happening in our minds, and we have to go within.

We, for the most part, have forgotten our Inner dimensions. We have forgotten that we can go within ourselves and heal any aspect of our lives, we have forgotten that we have a hidden power within us, one that is silently creating everything. 

The desire we experience for happiness, love, acceptance, and abundance in our lives – the subtle stirrings within our heart, is our Inner Goddess whispering to us, reminding us that all of these things, and more, can be ours – that they are ours by our Divine Birth Right. We’ve developed erroneous beliefs throughout our life, we believe that we aren’t worthy, we aren’t deserving of great things. When we connect to the Infinite Within, to our Goddess, to our Divine Self, we begin to remember that we are so much more, and we let go of those beliefs that no longer serve us.

Below are just a few ways to ignite a relationship with your Inner Goddess, and to begin living a fulfilling life!

Allow your Being Time

Connect with your Goddess by taking time to connect with your inner self. Whether it’s taking time to meditate in the morning, taking a nice warm bubble bath or to connect with the full moon; treat this time as if it were an appointment that you can’t miss!

Surround your space with beauty

It’s time to clear out the clutter of your home and start creating your very own Sacred Sanctuary to get in touch with your Goddess. Flowers, beautiful pictures, seashells and other wonderful gifts from Mother Earth are the perfect things to surround yourself with. Light some of your favorite incense, put on some meditation music and go about your daily tasks. When your space is Zen, you are more likely to become that too!

Support and Nourish your Dreams

We are constantly in a state of giving and receiving with the Universe. Sending out our thoughts into the void, and receiving our gifts from the Universe. What we don’t know is that just by cultivating our quiet time and connecting with our inner dreams and guidance from beings that we don’t see physically, we begin to take action from a place of the utmost joy and trust. Just as we conceive and nourish our babies in our womb, we conceive and nourish our dreams and aspirations – and just as giving birth to our babies, so to do we birth our dreams, in the perfect amount of time!

Remain Balanced

Being constantly stressed out is what I would consider the opposite of a graceful goddess. As mentioned above, you need to take time for yourself; don’t take on too many tasks, or overburden yourself with unnecessary chores. Ask yourself – Can someone help me with what needs to get done? Don’t be afraid to ask! If you find yourself getting stressed out, take a break from whatever it is your doing (especially with housekeeping), or do a little bit at a time. And make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, or more if you feel like you need it! Sometimes it’s okay to stay in bed if you don’t have any obligations to uphold! Eat properly, drink lots of water – and treat yourself once and awhile to something that makes you happy or that you enjoy doing.  More often than not, we put other peoples needs before our own!


These are only a few helpful ideas to get started when we want to get in touch with that part of ourselves! The most important thing to do that we can do as Women is to honor and LOVE ourselves – to see how far we’ve come in life, to say NO when we don’t want to do something, to stop trying to please everyone around us! Do something that makes your Soul sing <3