As human beings and as a race that has lived on Earth for an estimated 1.8 million years (Homo Erectus), we know very little about our origins, our cosmic connection – who we are, where we came from, and how the changes from ape-man to modern man really ran it’s course. For most, we can speculate along with the theory of evolution, and even though I don’t discredit, or disbelieve in it’s course, I believe that there is a missing piece of the puzzle, an intervention of some sort.

And I’m not alone in this belief. There are many who believe that aliens came to Earth, found an unevolved man, and gifted us with their DNA. The Sumerian tablets (pre-dating Christianity) tell the story of Gods Enlil and Enki coming to enslave humanity to mine gold for their planets atmosphere, and humans being imbued with alien DNA to carry out that task.

I began questioning what this was all about over a decade ago, and my search has lead me to one thing and one thing only: Reality is stranger than fiction. Did aliens really come down to earth and attempt to enslave us? I don’t know, because I wasn’t there. All I do know is what I’ve experienced through meditation, Reiki and other energy type work – and I’ve discovered that there is an Alien connection, and a Cosmic Connection at work behind all things. The deeper you go into meditation, the quieter your mind becomes, something begins to happen – you open yourself up to other dimensions, other beings …. but here’s the twist, there’s no real separation — between any of it.

The Cosmos exists within you.

Below you will find a meditation that was given to me:


Close your eyes

Take 3 deep breaths, slowing inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Become aware of your presence, just sitting behind your eyes lids. This is your awareness and your attention, and you can move it in any direction – up and down, side to side – even back to a past memory or to future possibilities. Move your awareness around to different parts of your body and familiarize yourself with this portion of who you really are. Start with your toes, each toe, then move to your feet, to your legs, feel the muscles, the bones, and the energy that all works together to create the image of you.

Now bring your awareness to your root charka, located at the base of your spine. Now imagine a cord coming down through it, feel this cord going into the floor beneath you. See and feel it going into the earth, past the rocks, boulders, caverns and the deeper layers of the earth. Now imagine in your minds eye the core of the earth, feel it’s warmth, hear it’s heartbeat. This is what is keeping the planet and all life alive. Visualize your cord wrapping around Gaia’s core, feel yourself connect to Mother Earth, feel her energy rise up your cord, see her energy as a deep red, and feel it pulsating as it enters into your root chakra.

Now feel it’s warmth and love cleansing your root chakra, feel that deep red colour wash away any negative energy that may have been stuck, this includes any painful past experience that we may have stored away in our root chakra. See it connect you to this beautiful planet, and know that your connection is secure, that you belong here on Earth, feel it cleanse and heal as it rises up into your sacral chakra, located just below your naval.

Feel that pulsating energy begin to cleanse this energy center, see it in your minds eye turn from that deep red, into a bright, vibrant orange colour. Feel it moving around your sacral chakra, the seat of your soul, your creative self. Feel it wash away any doubt you have about yourself, any negative or painful experiences you may have stored there. Feel this energy liberate and free your sense of self, pulsating to rhythm of the Earth. Know that you are a child of the Earth, of Gaia, and that you are an intimate part of the Universe – connected to all. Feel it cleanse and heal as it rises up into your Solar-Plexus chakra, located within your rib cage.

Feel the pulsating energy begin to cleanse this center, see it turn from the bright orange into a brilliant yellow, like the Sun. Feel it moving around your Solar-plexus chakra – your center of Will. Feel it wash away any disbelief or doubt you may have about your ability to do things, and any negative or painful experiences that you may have stored there. Feel it washing over you, bringing back your confidence, your knowing, and your understanding that you can do anything you set out to do. Feel it cleanse and heal as it rises up into your heart chakra, located in the center of your chest.

Feel this pulsating energy begin to cleanse your heart, see it turn from that brilliant yellow, to a deep forest green. Feel it moving around your Heart center, washing away any hurt and pain that is stored there. Become aware of your heart beat, feel it. Notice how the rhythm of your heart is the same energy that is pulsating from the Gaia. Bring these 2 beats together as one. Become aware of the beating, feel your hearts awareness and intelligence that is keeping you alive. Sit in it for a few moments. Feel the love and warmth that radiates from within it. That is Divine Intelligence and it Loves you more than you know. Now feel this pulsing energy move up into your through, located in the “V” shape of your neck. 

Feel the energy from your heart pulsating into your throat, see it turn from a deep green, into a bright blue like the sky. Feel it swirling and washing away any negative or hurtful experience you may have stored there, anytime someone else or yourself has taken away your voice. See this deep blue clear and cleanse your throat chakra, opening it up. Know that it’s safe for you to speak your truth. Feel it cleanse, heal as it moves up into your third eye, located between your brow.

Feel this pulsating energy move into your third eye, or pineal gland, in the center of your brain. Feel it begin to buzz and pulsating, as it opens up both your inner eye and crown chakra at the top of your head, feel and the beam of energy that has just cleansed your body, shoot through the top of your head, and connect to the Great Galactic Sun. Feel the energy of this Sun pulsate through your entire body, cleansing any remaining negativity.

You are now connected and open to the Cosmos, to the Universe and to Higher Dimensional Intelligence. I want you to sit in silence here, allow the silence to fill your body. Allow thoughts to come and go, without resistance, don’t try to stop them – don’t try to fight them. Like waves, allow them to come and go, observe them as the silent observer you are, don’t attach yourself to them.

You will notice that there is a silence between thoughts. This is where I want you sit, this is where you observe from, and create from. Allow this silence to expand as you inhale and exhale. Breathe in and out. Keep breathing. Focus on your breath, your life force. As you breathe in and out, I want you to bring your attention to your body, and feel it expand with each breath until you forget that you even have a body. Breathe. Sit in the silence. Allow the silence to raise your vibration. You may feel vibrating in your head, or you whole body. This is normal. Don’t be alarmed. Breathe.

You may be contacted by Higher Dimensional beings in this space. They may appear to you in Alien form, as your Guides, as Angels, as Animals. Regardless of their appearance, they will have a message for you. Don’t force a message, don’t get frustrated if you don’t receive it right away. Relax, breathe. Trust that you will receive. It may be a simple “hello”, a smile, an image, or they may speak to you with words. Sit in the silence.

I will let you sit here for 10 minutes of uninterrupted silence. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on your breathe. Spiral out.

I want you to come back to your body. Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, stretch if you need to. Give gratitude to those beings you might have come into contact with, send love to them through your heart chakra if you wish. Open your eyes when you are ready. Take your  time getting up. There is no hurry.


**This meditation is intended for a classroom setting, or to do with a friend if you wish. Please give credit to when teaching your class**

Gratitude, and God Bless.


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