There are many people from many walks of life that believe that the Angels are here with us. Through-out time and biblical scripture there are references to such beings who have assisted us in our times of need. Even though we can’t see them with our physical eyes, there is a part of me that knows that the Angels exist in dimensions that are tied together with this one – they exist within each human, in what some call our chakras or energy centers. They help create the world we experience by literally shining their light onto it. (We will elaborate on this further as we go along) Because we are connected in such a way to the Angels, they are always with us — even if we feel like they aren’t. All we have to do is ask for their help, their guidance or their wisdom – and we’ll receive it. Now, their answer may not be what we expect. Be open to signs, to repeating numbers or any intuitive feelings you may have!

How to contact your Guardian Angel or Guide:

You may believe that asking an Angel, or even God for help is a complicated process – but it is actually quite simple.  They are always there waiting for your call and will answer you 100% of the time if you ask in honesty, all we have to do is learn how to listen!

There are many ways to contact your Guardian Angels or Guides. Below are just a few ideas of how to get started. Remember that intent is the key; if you have genuine intent your request will be heard!

Write your Guardian Angel a letter:

If you write a letter to a Guardian Angel then you can take the time to be very clear in your request. Pour your heart out! You can get out what ever problems you are holding in, and at the same time request Guidance and help. Before you begin, take some time to relax. Have a bath, read a book. Do whatever it takes to quiet your internal dialogue so you can be still inside and become open to receiving. The Angels are constantly giving us messages, but often we do not hear them because we let our struggles become the focus of our attention. They are there with you now. Feel them, allow them to help!

Be open to Their Messages:

When the world around you is noisy and someone tries to get your attention, chances are you may have trouble hearing them right away. The same applies to your inside world. If you are focusing on all the “noise” (internal-babble) or on your problems, there is a big chance you are going to miss the message! The quieter you are emotionally, the easier it will be for you to receive the information that they are trying to give you. Chances are you may not hear them otherwise.[/box]

Connect with your Guardian Angel:

There are many ways you can go about connecting with your Guardian Angel. We use our external senses to experience the world outside of us, but few people know how to use their internal senses as well (They Exist!!). You can use your heart to “Feel” your Angel. Send them love, acknowledge their presence, even visualize them in your mind’s eye.  One way of achieving this can be through meditation.  Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed,  Perhaps light a candle and some incense if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Spend some time relaxing and quieting your mind, and then ask your Angels to come to you and give you a message.  Then sit silently and camly wait for any subtle impressions you may receive.  It could be something very apparent (Poof!  Here I am!)  or it will quite often be something more subtle like a feeling or a series of thoughts.  Meditating on meeting your Angel is not only a good way of connecting with them, but also connecting with yourself.

If you are sincere with your question, you will get a sincere answer.