Healing the Self

Healing the Self

[W]hen you start on the road of healing, it’s hard to know where to start! You know you have to heal, but how? Sometimes the feelings that come up can be over-whelming. We want to let you know that you are certainly not alone in this.

There are so many ways you can begin to heal. Going to our doctor is the most common answer to our health problems; whether it’s a doctor for our body or mind. What some people fail to realize is that we are a multi-being, not simply physical, or mental – we also have emotional and spiritual self, that are connected. When one is out of balance, the others are effected.

We want to dig deeper and uncover the truth of who we are, which is far more than what we think and feel. We want to chip away at the shell that we put up to protect ourselves, and allow the world to see us for who we really are. We want you to meet the real you – and be okay with that person.

We all have the tendency to bury our hurtful memories; and if we can’t learn to look at them, forgive those who hurt us – and forgive ourselves, then we can never be okay with ourselves, or with the world around us. Life will feel like a constant struggle.

We have been missing out on life because we have been too afraid to let our real selves out. Instead someone else has been living our life, a false representation of who we think ourselves to be.

We are at the beginning of an incredible journey  – we can’t tell you how long it is, or what bumps may lay ahead, or what to expect; mostly because we are just starting as well.

Below you will find many ways to heal; including the steps we believe necessary if we wish to understand our true-selves, and to help rid ourselves of any “dis-ease” that we may be experiencing.

Our thoughts create the World that we experience! It’s time to begin the healing of our inner child (inner-self), and begin changing our external reality for the better.


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