Changing Our Beliefs

Changing Our Beliefs

As previously mentioned in “How Beliefs form our world“, we have embarked on a journey of healing and more importantly, self-discovery. If you are new to this section, we suggest that you start at the beginning – Healing the Self, so you can have a clearer picture of what we are talking about, and why it is so important that we take the time to understand ourselves.

The most important thing Humanity has to understand, if anything,  is that our collective thoughts are creating the reality we are currently experiencing. Your individual thoughts are a part of the collective whole.  If we wish to see any change in the World around us, we have to change the way we are thinking about it. Our negative thoughts hold us down and keep us from healing ourselves, limiting our creative potential. If we can not heal ourselves, as an individual or collectively, the World can not heal.  These negative thoughts serve only one purpose – to remind us that we can change them at any time. 

So how do we come to believe in something? Well, it starts with a thought or an idea being presented to us. It can be from a parent, a teacher, a book, or from the media. We either reject the idea or we accept it, and when we accept an idea, we attach an emotion to it and begin to believe it. Unfortunately, not all the ideas presented to us in this life are positive ones.

A belief is an accepted thought or idea that we have thought over and over, and we allow it to become a part of our sub-conscious, a part of who we are. Depending on the nature of these thoughts, they can either propel us in life or hold us back from our unlimited potential.

In this section we will  be presenting you with the idea that  you create your own reality. The Law of Attraction is a very real thing that you can use to create the reality you like.  Many of us however, think about the things that we don’t have, wish that we had, but can not have for whatever reason. We hold ourselves in a state of “not having”, rather than “already having”.

There are several ways that we can start to change our thoughts; whether it’s a specific belief about ourselves, someone else, or the way your world is right now.  The most important belief that you can have is one where you are not limited –  because your only limitations are the ones you set for yourself. We are here to help you break free and to reclaim the truth of who you are!

If you tend to lean towards negative thinking; of yourself or others, then you will likely not believe it when we tell you that you can CHANGE them any time you want. You have only conditioned yourself to believe that you have no control, and can not change them.

With practice you can!  Below you will find positive affirmations in this section to help re-train your brain, after all, that’s what an affirmation is – a practiced thought, that will slowly (but surely) become a belief if you keep thinking it!  Remember, you can change any aspect of your life by changing your beliefs!


Positive Affirmations


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