Identifying Negative Beliefs


There's always 2 ways of looking at something!

There’s always 2 ways of looking at something!


If there is one thing that all of us here at have learned in life; it’s that we create our reality. We are constructing the reality we know through our beliefs, and by the thoughts that we think. If you are coming here from the middle of cyber space, we suggest starting at Healing the Self, so that you can become familiar with how thoughts form our Reality, and how to change our thoughts through various techniques, such as meditation and by using positive affirmations!

It is imperative that we identify our negative core beliefs about ourselves, and others  and begin “re-write” them, ultimately changing the way we see the World around us. We can heal ourselves completely.

“Change the Way you look at things, and the Things you look at Change!” – Wayne Dyer.

The quote above could not be more true; as long as we are viewing others, ourselves and our life circumstances in a negative light, they can only be one thing to us: Negative. When we change our view point to a positive light, these people and events become something that we can learn and grow from. They are lessons from the Universe!

We have to get down to the nitty gritty, and begin identifying the things that make us feel that we are not worthy. Remember: There are so many positive qualities within you, all you have to do is shift your focus!

Here are just some of the negative beliefs that we have began identifying, and changing for the better! We have counter acted the “negative” belief with a positive one, and you should too! Make sure to highlight the positive, make it stick out! 

The purpose of this exercise is not only to help you feel better as a person, but to help illuminate that which is already within your being – Your True Self.


When I was younger, I believed that I was not worthy as a fellow peer. I was picked on, laughed at and it felt as if nobody accepted me for who I was. I hid the real me away, and created a proxy to deal with the bullies. I still use the proxy in my life today when I sense that I am not safe – I detach from the people around me, and this causes more problems in my existence. There is still a part of me that still feels unworthy as a human being, but I know that this is simply not true!

I am a wonderful person, filled with unlimited potential. I have set out to live my dream as a Reiki Healer and I am living my dream! I have the ability to make people smile, and can brighten up the moods of others with my warmth and caring attitude. I have learned that I effect the world around me more than I ever thought possible. I am now using this ability to create positive change around me! 

I was raised to believe that I am a “nobody” so long as I continue to work at a minimum wage paying job. That in order to be truly happy,  I have to have money to buy things and to be comfortable in life. I believe that I will never be good enough because I feel that I am always looked down on, being compared to my siblings who are “successful” in life. 

I recognize that this is a belief that was instilled in me when I was growing up. My mother believed that unless she had money and material possessions, that she could not be happy, and thus taught me the same thing. I am very happy with where I am in life!  I have a warm, loving, caring family and I love my job!


Now that we’ve recognized that our beliefs come from sources other than us, we can reclaim our power and “re-write” our Reality! We will continue on our journey of healing, and self-discovery together. Until our next section, please continue to browse the many pages we have on Angel, Reiki, Chakra and World Healing – all of which were created to help You, and the World heal! You are a very important part of the World!



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