How Beliefs Form Our World

How Beliefs Form Our World


[W]elcome to “How Beliefs Form your world” – a very important part of your journey in Healing your Self! As mentioned in Healing the Self, this journey is one of self discovery and understanding! In order to heal we must begin to dig up what we  have buried, the painful experiences that we have been avoiding for all these years. We wanted to start with “How beliefs form our World” because we believe that it is the most important thing to understand before we go any further with any of this.

Our beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world around us are incredibly powerful! So powerful in fact, that they create this very world that we are experiencing. If we believe that we are poor and that we’ll never have enough money, we will attract that reality to us. If, however, we change our thoughts to more positive ones, we will see a change in our reality. It’s that simple!

Here on Earth we have what some would call a “buffer zone” – also known as time. This is in place so that we can’t simple manifest our desires in an instant! Think about how chaotic that would be!!  Things take time in this reality and for us to see the results of our thoughts, we must wait. The wait time depends on just how strong the vibration you are offering is matching your thought – Keep in mind that most people hold their vibration in a state of “not having”. This is why we will rarely see the results we want, until we change our thoughts.

From a very young age we begin forming beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. The majority of these beliefs are not true because they come from external factors; like our parents, friends, family and teachers. We are taught to look outside of ourselves for answers, rather than inside of ourselves. The truth is that we can never heal ourselves until we know ourselves – the core of who we are. If you received positive affirmations from the people you grew up with, then it is very likely that you are a very positive person and perhaps even recognize the power of being positive. If however, you were told the opposite by the people who you loved and trusted – life may seem like an unfair game in which you will never win. You may feel like life is a constant struggle.

But what if we could have whatever we wanted? What if we were the only ones standing in front of  our dream life, with the perfect home, family, and career? If in knowing this, would it be enough to get you to move out of the way and allow the Universe to give you the things you truly desired?

Here’s a fun exercise that you can try: Write a letter to yourself from your “future” self. Tell yourself all about the wonderful things in your reality, the sky (and beyond) is yours, you are not limited! Make it a future you want, describe with detail about how you feel about everything you have achieved and believe it as if it is already happening! Stick it in an envelope, or save it on your computer and forget about it. Do this once every couple of weeks, or months. The important thing here is to believe what you are writing – and even though you are putting it away and forgetting about it, your subconscious mind is remembering everything. Imagine, in detail, the things you are writing about. Feel yourself there, see the things you would like to have and become a part of that reality.

Remember that you are a limitless creator and that we have simply been conditioned to believe that we are supposed to have limitations in place. You CAN have whatever you like, and you don’t have to struggle to achieve it! In the next page we will continue with helping you (and me) change the beliefs we are having that are only dragging us down. This includes limiting thoughts of not being worthy, good enough, or deserving of the things that we want out of life. We want you to remember that this Life is for you and not against you! 

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