Job-Career-Money Affirmations

Job-Career-Money Affirmations

[W]elcome to Job, Career and Financial Positive Affirmations! We, here at believe that our thoughts, when backed by our positive emotions can change the World. Meaning that by changing our thinking, and our deeply rooted beliefs about life, we have the ability to change anything!

In Healing the Self we take a closer look at how our beliefs form reality and what we can do to change them. Positive Affirmations, when practiced, have the power to transform your Reality!

It all begins in the conscious mind, (the one you use to understand the World around you) when idea or thought is introduced to us. When we emotionally accept a thought, and keep thinking it, it starts to become a part of our sub-conscious mind, becoming a belief. Remember, your sub-conscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not. This is why so many of us believe things about ourselves that aren’t true!

“The Universe is For you, not against you”  Believe this! You can have the Perfect Career, or that Dream Job and financial freedom that you have always wanted (and deserve)! It can be yours, all you have to do is change your thoughts from “not having” to “already have”. This step is very important, as most of us hold ourselves in the first state of not having. This is why we never get what we want!

We will start by crossing out our old beliefs and replacing them with better, more positive ones. Don’t forget to write these down!


Old Belief: I always end up with a job that I don’t like, and I feel like I will never find my dream job.
New Belief: Up until now I have been concentrating on the negative aspects, instead of the positive. I believe that I will find the perfect job, and that everything will fall into place when the time is right.

Old Belief: It feels like I will never get that promotion or raise that I should get. I feel under appreciated for the work I do, and for the value I bring to this company.
New Belief: I will get a promotion, or raise because I am being recognized for all the great work I bring to this company! I am an appreciated and a valued employee!

Old Belief: I feel that I don’t have enough money, and that I can never get what I want because I am always struggling from one pay day to the next.
New Belief: The Universe will provide me with everything I need and desire. I feel that money is coming and everything will be taken care of. I can have financial stability, my dream job, and the Life of my Dreams!


Now that we have the hang of it, here are many more positive affirmations to get you on the right track! Together we can change our Reality!


For your job/career:

  • I have many positive qualities that an employer is looking for. I will get hired!
  • The work I do is important to me and I am good at my job!
  • The work I do inspires others to do a great job.
  • I am appreciated and recognized for the value I bring to our company.
  • I am finding my dream job, I am on the right path!
  • I surround myself with people who support my goals, and dreams.
  • I work on improving myself every day!
  • I love my job and the people I work with!
  • I appreciate the work others do and show this appreciation.
  • Something great is going to happen at work today. An opportunity will present itself!  I open myself to the possibilities.
For Attracting Money/Finances:
  • I always have money.
  • I feel that money is coming to me now!
  • I will be financially successful and am attracting it now.
  • My bank account continues to grow.
  • Money always comes my way.
  • It is easy to attract money!


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