Love-Relationship Affirmations

Love-Relationship Affirmations

Welcome to this section in Healing the Self, where we began to discuss how beliefs form our reality; individually and en masse. We are the creators of what we see and experience, co-creating the world, as we know it, together.

So what is an affirmation? An affirmation is a declaration of truth that we tell ourselves again and again, until we come to believe it – and it becomes our truth when we subconsciously believe it.

Unfortunately, some of us program our minds with negative affirmations about ourselves, and others – thus creating a negative reality in which only confirms the negative, keeping us locked in a vicious cycle.

When we take the time to replace our negative thoughts with more positive ones, making them a part of our subconscious mind, we will begin to attract positive things into our lives and we will see a big change in our reality!

Think of who you are, really are, like being a giant magnet. You attract what you give out. If you feel victimized, you will send out these “victim vibrations” and attract negative experiences into you life. It goes the other way too, if you send out vibrations of positivity, and love – you will attract these qualities in others.

Here, we will break our negative thought patterns when it comes to finding love and maintaining healthy relationships with others, together! Remember: You can change any aspect of your life by changing your beliefs.

Here are some examples of some of the negative thoughts that you may be having, and how you can replace them with opposite, more positive thoughts. (Don’t forget to write these down!!)


Old Thought:  I will never find love because I am not attractive, or good enough. They will not like me for who I am.
New Thought: I do not need love, because I already have an abundance of it within me to give to others. I accept and love myself completely, and will attract these positive qualities I find within myself.


Old Thought: My partner doesn’t find me attractive, or doesn’t love me anymore. I don’t know how to fix our problems.
New Thought: I am attractive and worth loving because I have many good qualities that I find within myself. I have everything I need within me to heal any relationship, or problem that life presents me with.


Old Thought: No one likes me because I’m different, I feel that I will never fit in with anyone.
New Thought: I like me for who I am, simply because I am different. I see all the wonderful things that I can share with the people in my life, and people are naturally drawn to this goodness.

Now that we understand how our thought process works, we can start to reprogram our mind and replace our old beliefs, with new, healthier ones. Not only will they help you feel about yourself, they will also help you feel better about the people who are in your life – changing your entire reality for the better. Thinking these thoughts will not be enough; you have to believe them, feel them and allow them to become your truth!

  • I see Love because I am Love, and I Love Everything I see.
  • I inherently deserve Love, and have it within me to give freely. I accept and give out this Love now.
  • I have a wonderful Partner and we are both happy and at peace with each other and ourselves.
  • I release all previous desperation and allow Love to find me.
  • I  attract only positive and healthy relationships into my life.
  • I see the goodness within others as well as in me, it is this goodness that others are drawn to.
  • My relationship is wonderful and filled with Love. We have the power to over-come any problem with this Love.
  • I accept and Love myself, completely! I am worthy and deserving of Love. I give this Love openly and freely without expectation.


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