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[W]elcome to our section on Affirmations for a Healthier Life, and Healthier thinking!  If you are a new visitor to our site, we recommend you start at Healing the Self to get yourself up-to-speed with what we have been discussing. Here at OneWorldHealing.net, we understand that it is our thoughts that create our reality, and that it is our collective thoughts that that create the World that we know.

In How Beliefs form our World, we discuss in detail just how this works, and give several methods that can help you change those beliefs that have caused discord through-out your life. The same rule about our thoughts apply to our Health as well. If you are thinking damaging thoughts, towards yourself or others, and are allowing emotional investment in them, dis-ease will follow.

Many of us suffer needlessly because of this. Our negative thought patterns keep us locked in a vicious cycle, and the scary thing is that we are the ones who are doing it to ourselves!

A positive affirmation is telling yourself something, until it becomes a part of your belief, or a part of your subconscious mind. Just thinking won’t be enough though, it needs to become your truth. 

It is important that you Love yourself, that you look at yourself with kindness, love and compassion – and that you see and treat others in this light as well! You can not be healthy or happy if your thoughts contradict the positive ones necessary for Love and Light.

You can not heal if you do not have Love for yourself.

We have dedicated this portion of the site to the Wellness of you! You deserve Health, You Deserve Love, You Deserve Life! Below we will start by crossing out some of our old beliefs, and replace them with new, healthier ones. Together we can change our Reality!


Old Thought: I always feel sick and the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I feel I will never get better.
New Thought: My body is trying to tell me that it needs more Love and attention. I can heal anything with this Love and I am getting better now.


Old Thought: I’m always sad or depressed and feel hopeless. I wish I could feel better, be happier and enjoy my surroundings.
New Thought: Up until now I haven’t Loved myself enough, I focus on the Love that is inside of me and allow it to heal my body and gvdmy life.



  • I am Happy
  • I am Whole
  • I am Kind
  • I am Perfect
  • I am becoming Healthy again
  • I feel the Loving life force flow through my body, healing everything
  • I listen to the messages my body gives me with Love
  • I give my body unconditional Love
  • I respond to my bodies aches and pain with Love


“I am a Worthy and Deserving person and I have a right to my life in this Universe, I have this right to be because I AM” – Seth


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