The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

[W]elcome to one of the most important steps on our journey of self-healing and discovery! It is very important that we include this in Healing the Self, because if we do not know ourselves- and I mean, our true selves, then we will always be going in circles with set ideas of who we are and what we can become in life.

If you have come here from a search engine, I recommend starting at the beginning – just so you don’t miss out on anything.

You may not realize this as you read, but you are the one who is bringing this page to “life” so to speak, you are creating it. Yes, we may indeed by the ones taking the time to write, and to put out our articles – but they can not exist without you. We want you to know just how amazing your mind is!

Meditation can not only assist you in controlling your thoughts and ultimately the world around you, it also allows you to become familiar with your “inner” senses, and this is when things can get interesting! We are not taught about these senses in our mainstream society, and we rely solely on our external senses to tell us about the world around us. The truth is that we are missing the majority of our reality, and who we truly are, because we are so entangled in what we “see” physically.

In this section, our  hope is to not only to introduce you to these senses, but to awaken you to a world that you have been taught to ignore. We wish to heal not only the physical, but to help guide you to healing all aspects of your experience.

Remember that as you do this, I am doing it with you. I do not have a formal background in the human psyche but I am a woman who is on the same journey that you are on, making incredible discoveries as I traverse further into my mind. – Danica, Reiki Healer

So without further delay; We’d like you to meet you.


The Power of Meditation

There are many ways one can meditate. You can meditate on a particular issue that you need an answer to, or just simply sit in silence and allow yourself to heal. Below is a very effective method that many of us use here at, and we would like to share it with you. We hope that we can help assist you on your journey.

Find a quiet place to sit, or lay down comfortably. Close your eyes. Do you best to ignore any internal dialogue that may arise, you will discover that ego does not like to be quiet when it’s forced to, if you find yourself rambling on about something, just stop and silence your mind again.

You may begin to see images at some point, do not dismiss these images, or try to make sense of them – just allow them. Once you have remained in silence for 5-10 minutes (it varies) you will begin to raise your vibration. This may feel like “turbulence”, or shaking – don’t be alarmed, you are beginning to open up to the Universe. This is the place where you begin to make conscious contact with the Divine! In this state you may begin to receive messages from your Higher-Self, Your Guides, or The Angels. They will always be good messages that will help you in your life!

Begin exploring your internal world for 10 minutes or so, every day. If you have more time to dedicate to this, then I encourage it. Keep a journal of the things you see, messages you receive, and anything else that you find interesting! All of these experiences are just as valid as your physical experiences, and should be regarded as such.

Remember: You create your reality, externally from your beliefs. Everything you see and experience is a reflection of your inner world, and if you are finding that you do not like something in life, the source of this “dis-ease” comes from with in, and will be reflected to you physically. This is why it is imperative that we begin to discover, and sort out our internal world. Together, we can begin healing from the inside, out.


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