Healing the World

Healing the World

[O]ften we forget that this beautiful planet, our Earth, is a living Being. Our Earth, Mother to all, provides all of her inhabitants with everything that they need – and we are no exception.

If you stop to pay attention, you can see the Earth hard at work. The Trees breathe in the Carbon Monoxide we exhale, and in turn give us Oxygen to breathe!  The water from lakes and rivers is constantly being recycled in our atmosphere and is returned to the plants and animals, providing nourishment for all.

When you plant a seed in the ground, it is our Earth that helps grow it. Without warmth from our sun, or water from the clouds – it simply will not grow.

Our Earth is in need of Great Healing. There are many people who have dedicated our time to helping Our Planet. Many Reiki Healers have become dedicated to give Reiki to the World, creating a global web of healers on a Quest to heal the World from the inside out. There are countless people that help with cleaning oil spills, garbage, and other man-made messes, and those who plant trees for a living, restoring balance to the Planet.

These actions, no matter how much they help, are only “clearing out the dust” – so to speak, as my Husband would say. Our efforts towards helping our planet will be useless, unless a Shift in our thinking happens on a Global Scale. A core change needs to take place within the Heart of Humanity, so that we can all “go green” and effectively make a difference!

Below you will find several great ways that you can do to start healing the Earth. By changing ourselves and the way we live in the World, we CAN make a difference!  All it takes is one person, join me in this revolutionary change!

Ways to Help the Environment
Ways to Save Water
Why We Have to Change


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