[H]ere at One World Healing we are dedicated to helping heal humanity and all that inhabit our Beautiful Planet, One Being at a time.

We are aware that there is no separation between 2 people, and that in order for us to heal each other, we must heal our self first. It is through this healing of the self that we start to understand our connection to everything. How our inner world affects the outer, and how we affect each other. We understand that separation is an illusion of our mind, and only serves one purpose: To bring us together.

It is from this knowledge that we wish to help you remember who you are. To help bring you to the understanding that you are more than just a physical being in a physical world. You are a mental, emotional and spiritual being that goes on forever – some part of your awareness remembers this! 

We are here to help heal every aspect of your being, from the emotional to the physical, and from the mental to the spiritual. In order for us to heal, we must recognise that we are all connected and are a part of something much bigger. Understand that the only difference between two people is the illusion the ego creates, the “idea” of who we are.

A Revolutionary Shift in Consciousness is taking place right now! A Shift in the way we think, speak and act towards ourselves and one another. We must begin to treat each other and our Planet with kindness, love, compassion and understanding; There is no room for anything else! If Humanity does not embrace this change, we simply will not survive.

It is Our Belief that One Person can make a difference, and it is through OneWorldHealing.net that we wish to make a difference by re-awakening the Spirit of Life that exists in each and every single living being!

It is Our Mission to help with This shift in Consciousness; To Help Heal the Mind, Body and Spirit of All Living Beings. We hope that you will join us because it simply will not be the same without you!