Welcome to One World Healing Reiki!  Here you will find answers to your questions regarding Reiki; What it is, how it works, what the history behind it is and how you can become involved.


It’s here that you will be able to find information about this time-honored tradition, you will also find information on its history, how it came to North America, the Different kinds and much more.

Learn all about Distance Healing, Chakra Balancing, and how Reiki can heal all aspects of your life. We will also go into the scientific aspect of Reiki, and how studies show that it actually does work! Hands on healing as we know is not a relatively new concept to our Western Civilization, so we have decided to do a little bit of digging past the known history of Reiki.

We will go in even deeper and look into the lives of Jesus, The Gnostics and their ability to heal by touch, and how some eastern civilizations and Shamans have been using this technique for centuries! Once you’ve experienced Reiki, you will understand just how it can heal your life and allow you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. If there is one thing we have learned from Reiki, it is that you are much more than just a physical being living in a physical reality.

Our goal is to remind Humanity of its deep connection to all life and to our beautiful planet! Through Reiki we can begin to tap into this inner knowing and discover things that before could only imagine as real! Our connections expand all the way out to the deepest regions of the Cosmos and it’s here, within this website, we will work to help show you why, and how. Everything is contained within you, just as you are contained within it.  It is our sincerest hope that we can answer your questions about Reiki and help you on your way to finding YOU.