In Reiki, we are taught that it can be used for healing all kinds of things. From physical pain to emotional trauma; there is nothing Reiki can heal when it is allowed to. There are no limits to its potential, because it exists beyond our idea of time and space. Reiki can be sent to the past, present, and future, effectively changing an outcome of an event that has not occurred and healing our present selves.

It can help manifest our desires into physical reality more quickly because as the saying goes “where attention goes, energy flows” – or in the case of Reiki: “Where energy goes, attention flows”. Attention is Energy and Energy is Attention!

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics. – Bashar

The same principle can be applied when giving Reiki to the relationships in your life that need healing. Even if it is the relationship with yourself, Reiki can be used to heal the bonds that have been severed between people – or to create new bonds when wanting to create meaningful relationships.  

Problems arise in relationships when one or more of our chakras are out of balance.  

Our root chakra governs over how secure we feel about ourselves and others in the world around us. When this is out of balance, we begin to act out of fear; on one end, we become controlling, greedy or jealous in attempt to be the one in control, giving us a false sense of security. On the opposite end of the scale, we may be afraid to take control of our lives and begin to suffer from anxiety disorders. [more...]

In Western Culture, most of us see ourselves as being separate from one another and we have the tendency to label everything; even the people that are close to us. What we fail to see is that a relationship between any being is a living entity – that it is definitely not separate, or external from us.

What we experience comes forth from within us, from our subconscious mind.  Our thoughts and beliefs about the relationship have made it into what it is. If we want to see change, we must change our core beliefs. We fail to recognize that we were the ones that created the bonds that exist, and that we are the ones responsible for nurturing a loving relationship. It can not change without us changing.  

To begin healing your relationship with Reiki, you need to recognize and accept that you are in part responsible for the break down that has occurred.  Then you can send out a genuine intention to heal. Only positive energy comes from Reiki, therefore it can not be used for malicious purposes, or against the will of another human being. It can only be used for the highest good of those involved.

This is the method that I use, and it’s possibly the simplest way. Remember, to send Reiki out to anyone, nothing complicated needs to take place. Get a piece of paper, and write the names of yourself and the person whom you wish to send the healing energy to.

Find a quiet place, one where you will not be disturbed in. Clarify what it is you would like to happen; whether it’s to have more understanding, compassion, or better communication – or simply to heal that which needs to be healed. Fold the paper so that it is small enough to fit in between your hands.

Draw the symbols you are attuned to (if any) and allow the energy to flow between your hands, into the paper. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it knows exactly what to heal, and will continue to heal, even when you are not aware of it. Do this as much as you feel; the more the better. We need to understand that the Reiki Energy is not only healing the external, physical aspects that we experience in a relationship, it is also working on a very subtle level, with our subconscious.

It begins healing our very beliefs and thoughts that we have of ourselves and of others, changing them to more positive ones. Very soon we will see this mirrored in our relationships. The same method can be used with crystals or other physical objects that are meaningful to the relationship.

It is suggested by other practitioners that you keep your object within view throughout your day to be reminded of the connections you are healing.

You will find as you give your relationship Reiki that lines of communication will begin to open up, which is necessary for any relationship. You can not have a relationship without it!

The ways to heal with Reiki truly are unlimited, all you need to have is the intent to heal, and the belief that it can be healed. Remember: It all starts with you.

Be the Change you Wish to See in the World – Ghandi