The Sei Hei Ki, or Sei He Ki (Say Hey Key) is known as the mental/emotional symbol in Reiki. When used, it restores balance to both the mental and emotional parts of our psyche, as they are both affect each other. There are several interpretations of what this symbol means, but all have a common factor, and that is harmony.

When used by a Reiki practitioner, it can help unite mind and body and bring deep-rooted emotional problems to the surface. Often, out of necessity, we repress our painful memories because some part of us feels that it can not deal with them. The Sei Hei Ki allows us to face these problems, to feel the appropriate emotions and then to let go of them, forgiving ourselves and others.

Mental illnesses, such as depression, can begin to eat away at our physical selves. Even though it is not something physical, we can see clearly that it has an effect on our entire well-being. We need to understand that our mental, emotion, physical and spiritual self are all connected, when one is not in balance, it effects all levels of our beingness.

The Sei hei ki balances the right and left side of the brain and restores balance, bringing peace and harmony. It can also be very helpful in relationships by going the source of the problem, allowing us to recognize that the problems we face are caused by no one else but ourselves.

There are many ways a person can use the Sei hei key, just as I had recommended in the previous page regarding the Cho-ku-rei. Write down on a piece of paper the emotional or mental aspect you would like to have healed in your life, and fold it so it fits in between your hands. Then draw the Sei hei ki over it, following with a Cho-ku-rei, begin to give it Reiki for 15 minutes or longer if you choose. These symbols are a focal point for intent to travel towards – so your intent must be there!

Some more uses for the Sei hei ki:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse
  • Memory/Attention
  • Relationships
  • Finding lost items

There are many ways you can use the Se-hei ki to help you in your life. Please allow the symbols and Reiki to affect your life positively in all areas!



sei hei ki