The History of Reiki

[H]ands on healing is a Sacred Healing Art that has been used in many cultures through-out history. It is not known where Reiki really originated from, but there are many theories including Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Tibet and from the Teachings of Christ.

In Western Society there are 3 people that we may give credit for bringing Reiki to our Culture – Dr. Mikao Usui and his students, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Mrs Hawayo Takata.

It is said that Mikao Usui was given the gift of Reiki during a 21 day Spirtual Retreat, in which he was imparted the knowledge to heal one-self and others. Mrs. Takata who was a student of Dr. Hayashi would eventually bring the Usui Reiki Technique to the Western World.

What is known as “Usui Reiki” is actually based off of Dr. Hayashi’s technique and is commonly passed down through Certified Courses. Unfortunately, we know very little of Usui’s original teachings and what we do know came from Mrs. Takata. This information was taken as fact up until the late 90’s, as no-one ever questioned her historical accounts.

As evidence was presented by William Lee Rand, it appeared that Takata took it upon herself to re-write the history of Reiki, giving false information about Usui. Thanks to the hard work of Frank Arjava Petter, William Rand, and others who have dedicated themselves to seeking the truth, the roots of Reiki are slowly being uncovered.

Some of this evidence leads us all the way back to the time of Christ and the Gnostics. It is not such a far fetched notion to suggest that Christ was a Reiki Healer and that the Gnostics were taught this knowledge directly from him, giving them too the ability to heal.

It is said that Christ would place his hands on people to heal the sick, drive out demons and perform miracles. Perhaps it was not the first of Reiki healing, but a reminder from Christ that we are all special and can heal ourselves and others, and through this healing we can heal the world.

Regardless of where Reiki Originated, we should give credit and respect to Usui-Sensai, as if not for his dedication to self-improvement, we may very well not have this Sacred Healing Art.


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