Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui


[D]r Mikao Usui is who most Reiki Practitioners consider to be the “Father” of Reiki. It was his re-discovery of this Energy that brought forth a forgotten Healing Art Form that may have very well remained lost if not for his dedication to becoming Spiritually Enlightened.

Born on the 15th of August, 1865, in the village of ‘Taniai-mura’ in in the Yamagata district of Gifu, Japan, Mikao held many job positions before embarking on the quest to find his life’s meaning. It is speculated that because of his education and business positions that he held before discovering Reiki, that Usui came from a wealthy family. However, it seems that no-one knows for sure.

It has been documented by William L. Rand, who joined Arjava Petter, and Laura Gifford (Laurelle Shanti Gaia) in search for the true history of Reiki. This would allow them to discover how Usui came into the knowledge of Reiki and learn more about his life. It is said that the Gift of Reiki was imparted to Usui Sensei by God, or by a Universal Intelligence.

Long before discovering Reiki, a young Usui had studied Kiko, the Japanese version of Qi Gong, but because he had to build up his own energy only to have it depleted when giving treatments, he wondered if there was a way to do healing without having to lose his own energy.

It was in March of 1922, while on a 21 day fast he had taken upon Mt. Kurama, Japan, that Reiki was given to him. On the 21st day, Usui described having the feeling of “Reiki” over the top of his head, or crown chakra. It is said that Usui ran down the mountain in excitement, stubbed his toe, placed his hand over it – like anybody would, and a great warmth came from his hands and healed his injury. This healing was not like anything he had experienced, and knew that it had to be shared.

No one knows exactly why Usui went to meditate upon Mt. Kurama, but evidence suggests that it was because he felt his life was failing and as an avid Spirtual seeker, he wanted to meditate on his life’s purpose.

He moved to Tokyo in 1922 and opened a clinic to begin treating others. At the time of his discovery there was a great deal of poverty and depression in Japan, due to the on-going war. When the Kanto earthquake hit in 1923, more than 140,000 people died and over half of the houses and buildings were destroyed. There were many people that were left homeless, sick, and grieving.

It is said that he felt a great deal of compassion to help the people, and that he would go out every morning to heal the wounded and sick. It was a great amount of work, so he began to teach others Reiki in order to help with the devistation.

In 1925 the demand for Reiki had become so great that he opened a bigger clinic in Nakano, outside of Tokyo Japan, and his reputation as a healer would spread through-out his country. He began to travel through-out Japan to teach others about Reiki. Usui had trained over 2000 students in these travels, but sadly, while travelling to Fukuyama, he suffered a stroke. He died March 9, 1926.

Before his death Usui was given the Kun San To award from the Japanese Government for his dedication to helping the people of Japan.

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